Friday, 27 January 2017

Lets talk: Blogging and uni

You're probably thinking, hey Emily.. you said you were going to post 3 days a week.. well my friends, I over estimated. I tried okay, gold star for me.

But I didn't really realise how much my final major project was going to interfere into my blogging schedule, which it is.. super annoying. I also work on Saturdays, so my free time is often full of other things..

But if you've been here for a while, you'll know that I actually decided to drop out of university last year and restart in September which I'm so glad that I did. But being in uni almost everyday is taking its toll on my other activities such as blogging and often I come home super uninspired because all my energy is being channelled into my final major project. Not only does it mean I won't graduate (again) if I don't pass it, but it's a topic that I'm really passionate about. Last term wasn't as hectic, as I only had to resit one unit and I already did my dissertation. So I had a lot of spare time to blog.

I've also been really into slow fashion and capsule wardrobes recently, which is super exciting. I feel so passionate about it, because not only does it simplify your life, it encourages you to be more environmentally friendly which is awesome. So I've been researching more into that and just trying to find a happier lifestyle I guess. I even bought some of those sustainable lady pads haha, which is weirdly exciting. So that's what Ive been up to while I haven't been posting. Oh and sims.. (whoops)

So will I post regularly?

I'm going to try... I'm going to aim for Fridays as it's normally my free study day. Hopefully this means I won't neglect bogging, because it is something I really enjoy doing, it's just finding that god damn time to do it! So Friday's will be my specific blog post day, so if you enjoy reading my posts I should have one up every week. A little less pressure for myself, but still able to feel a part of the blogging loop!

Sorry for my little break, but life just caught up with me!

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