Saturday, 14 January 2017

A better wardrobe

This week I've been challenging my ideals about stuff. What makes owning stuff so great? What actual fulfilment am I getting from owning more clothes, more homeware, more general crap that I don't need? It's a little bit deep, but hear me out..

My final major project at university is being based around these ideals and questions, so all week I've been opening my mind up to this whole idea of having a much more minimal lifestyle. Ultimately this adds a lot more value to your possessions, making you appreciate the items you have, getting more wear out of clothing - because they're all your favourites. Instead of using your hard earned cash on things you don't actually need or will even wear sometimes.

If you haven't already, there's a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism, watch it. It explains it a lot more in depth than me, but its really fascinating to see how far consumerism has come and played its part in our everyday lives.

Recently, I challenged the idea of shaving my head. Weird I know, but I'm just so attached to my hair and now its ruined I'm just so annoyed with it, it got to that point okay.. I think we've all been there (haha) But something really inspired me and that was that when you have no hair, you focus more on what makes you beautiful inside. Because it's just so superficial. The idea that these outward things like stuff, like hair.. doesn't actually mean anything. I guess that transfers to stuff too, does it add value to your life in anyway? Or because consumerism says you need it?
Don't panic, I'm not shaving my head, but it was just a really nice perspective to hear that these things, don't actually mean anything in the bigger outlook of things.

You're probably thinking.. okay cool, but what are you actually up to..

So today, I'm doing a huge wardrobe clear out, which was inspired by Project 333, a way of cutting down your wardrobe, so you have nicer, higher quality items which last longer and get much more wear out of them. There's video's of this all over youtube, so if you're interested take a look!

Today however, is the culling. I'm throwing away clothing/stuff that I don't wear, I'm never going to wear again, and sort these out into categories.

  • Donate
  • Keep
  • Summer Season

I'll be putting a box of summer clothing (that I think I will wear) in my storage cupboard, because I can't wear jumpers in summertime! The idea however to complete a capsule collection of clothing, to gain the most usage of all the clothes you have as opposed to just having your favourites.
But I think I'll just have a really good clear out first!

A few hours later and here's what we managed to do!

Howard managed to somehow bring this huge storage shelving thing home, which was amazing to put my jeans and bags and things on, in the tub is a few jumpers too, mainly Howard's! We managed to cut our entire closet in HALF. We used to have my side and his side, now it's practically half a storage bit and half a hanging space.

and this is all the stuff we managed to throw away & donate. I didn't even realise I had this much stuff just sitting in my wardrobe.. I'm really looking forward to creating a wardrobe that's more me, but also one that will last with quality chosen items instead. This was a bit of a strange post (haha) but I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you been inspired to do a clear out?

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