Friday, 10 February 2017

The pressures of consumerism as a blogger

In the blogging world everyone all gets wrapped up in this ideal of receiving more stuff. It's just a thing. Everyone wants to see whose getting the latest fad or makeup palette, or that new fashion trend.

Receiving blogger mail, which is pretty cool and makes you feel a little more important in the grand scale of the blogging world. But a lot of things after you've posted, lets be honest now.. get's put away somewhere. How much of that stuff that gets sent to us, is actually one of our favourites?

Now this could be quite controversial, but it's something I'm really passionate about. And that's to make informed decisions about the stuff that we choose to own. Do you really need that new watch that this company will send you - or is it just a good opportunity for your blog and reach?

I'm all for bloggers making money and yeah you get that dollar girl.. But is it really worth the expense of possibly throwing it away in landfill? Because guess what, our rubbish goes somewhere, and of course we can't stop this completely, but thinking about what we choose to purchase can decide on our own personal impact.

Fashion I know, is terrible for it. Consumerism at it's very finest - Hey you need that new shirt because everyone on the internet is wearing it. But do you? Is it going to add value to your life? Or will you forget about it the moment something else comes along? And we are all guilty of this, I'm guilty. I know for a fact that some items in my wardrobe I just bought because it was a great deal, or it was super trendy at the time, but in hindsight I never needed it or actually really wanted it, I just thought that I did.

Recently I've been trying to save money, which is really helpful when it comes to making more informed and active decisions when it comes to purchasing my clothing. If you read my post 'a better wardrobe' you know that I did a wardrobe culling recently, erasing and donating most of my closet to have a simpler way of purchasing.

This has actually changed how I buy fashion now. Now I'm looking at old brands I used to love and thinking 'hey multi million cooperation, what are you doing to contribute to sociological and financial needs of your production workers' This is changing how I purchase goods. I'm looking at buying less, but also buying value. Value to myself and also value to the people who we owe it to!

So my ultimate question is, as bloggers should we have a more mindful obligation to produce content that isn't pushing the latest trend and fad on our readers? Or will it always be that way?

Does this change your perspective on your own content in anyway?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, thanks for reading mine!
Leave a comment down below with what you think :)

Here's some interesting documentaries on consumerism & fashion:
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- 'Minimalism' (Youtube trailer)
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