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Thursday, 12 January 2017


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Welcome to another I read post!
I finished this book what seems like ages ago, I got so caught up in all the festive posts, I forgot about this one! (whoopsie, sorry)

Anyway I'm going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, just in case anyone was interested in reading this book. I saw all the hype online and to be honest, I'm not usually into all that mystery genre of reading. Mainly because I didn't think I would be. But this book..

It just grabbed me right from the beginning. Although it may seem tedious at first with the back and forward-ing of the train, it will start to make sense (promise!) There's so many unanswered questions and mystery throughout the whole read.. you can't put it down, because you just have to find out who it is. I love a book that just keeps you guessing the whole way through, but also the one's that make you question what you think is real or not, which is just so fascinating in a book, constantly toying with different theories. This book has all of that. I feel like this was such a twisty turn-y read (lol for my great descriptive review) but in the sense that you can't see what's coming.

It's just so beautifully written, with its storyline, which follows a sad alcoholic lady, whose life seems to of just fallen apart, you almost feel sorry for her, but at the same time you just want her to pull her shit together. She's not a super likeable character, but that just makes me like her more. She's just so interesting.

Shortly after finishing this book, the movie actually came out, which I was so glad I had finished it beforehand. I'm always a firm believer in reading the book before the movie, as movies just ruin the book for me.

And it was just as good. Although I wish it were set in London, like it is in the book. So I really recommend reading this before seeing the film.

If you love a book where you can't figure out what the ending will be, this is a great book to get into. It's easy reading too, I found it so easy to fall into the story and it didn't take me too long to get hooked.

An amazing read, I will probably re-read it again if I'm honest, I loved it that much!

Have you read girl on the train? - leave a comment with your thoughts!

Thanks for reading as always, I hope you enjoyed this book review!

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