Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rimmel Nail Polish Haul - So cheap!

Hi guys, recently I have been getting into nails more. After growing my real nails super long I've become much more interested in polish and having pretty nails all the time! Unfortunately at Download Festival, I broke the majority of them so I am having to start again, but fear not, they are getting there!

I checked out Fragrance Direct, one of my favourite websites for getting super cheap bargains, they always have makeup on special offer so I had a look to see what nail polish they had on offer! you can find fragrance direct here.

Im super picky about the applicator brushes and I love the double bristled ones from Rimmel, and yay they had them! Only 99p for most of them too!

Rimmel Salon Pro // £1.29 each // Fragrance Direct
I couldn't get over how cheap they were selling these for.. they are my favourite nail polish and I'm forever picking them up from Boots etc. But for £1.29! The only downside is that they didn't have many colours but I picked these in 'get a nail tan' a beautiful tan colour and 'summer orange' a bright orange, perfect for summer. If you haven't tried these I highly recommend them!

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish // 99p each // Fragrance Direct
I never tried these before, mainly because I'm fussy about the applicator's, but when I found out that these actually have the thicker brushes I was so happy. That means more colour selection but also they are so dead cheap at only 99p! 99p! How good is that! They have quite a lot more of a colour choice on these too. I got 'little bo peep' 'too cool to tango' and 'get your shades on' (left to right)

Rimmel Space Dust (Aurora) // £1.25 // Fragrance Direct
Rimmel Stronger Nail Care // £1.99 // Fragrance Direct

The Rimmel Space Dust, I actually love, it again has the thicker brushes which I love, but it also has so much glitter on it, you don't have to keep applying hundreds of coats of it. In fact one was enough. The stronger nail care is so my nails don't break anymore. After dealing with all my broken nails I'm trying to get them stronger so they don't snap. Hopefully this should do the trick!

So that's what I got altogether, which I think was £10 not including shipping, I love Fragrance Direct they have such great bargains and for a student on a budget, to get great branded products at a ridiculous price, well that's just perfect for me.

Have you ever tried their website?

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