Hi I'm Emily.

Born in Birmingham, UK, I was surrounded by architecture. The modern bustle of the city centre to the old abandoned grid factories covered in graffiti. It was no revelation that I was motivated to follow the art route, being in a city that embraced new shiny ideas amongst all the rubble. 

After starting to make accessories in my bedroom while at college, deciding to do a degree seemed like the next big adventure. Moving to Dorset, I studied BA Fashion at Arts University Bournemouth. It is here I found the importance of lifestyle and was subjected to the influence of a more simplistic, mellow way of living. Joining forces with photography students, I was exposed to the process of reflecting ideas into the lens. Rekindling my love for visual styling and social media communications, I stepped away from garment design and re-invented my own personal brand and lifestyle blog. 

“A Fickle Fox” was formally built as an output for my thoughts and enabled me to experiment with my own style of visuals. This grew to be a platform which facilitated opportunities to collaborate with brands, styling images for their campaigns, and a job marketing for an app development company.

A big re-brand later and here I am, my blog has evolved into what is now known as "Emily Atelier."
'Atelier' being a word for an artist's studio, I felt that my blog had turned into a studio of my life and my thoughts, but still allowed me to express myself creativly with imagery and words.

Being a visionary, I feel that image illustrates more than just advertising. Being so attracted to this message, I became inspired by the upcoming minimalist movement. Throwing away most of my wardrobe in an attempt to beat consumerism, live minimally, and create more value mentally. This is ultimately evolving my aesthetic into what it is today.

As an explorer by nature, I’m constantly expanding my outlook on the creative industry with a contemporary approach. Always questioning new ways in which we can sustainably change the world. One shiny idea at a time.
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